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Every citizen has the right to bear arms in defense of himself and the state.

With Regards to the ‘March for our Lives’

Emotional Collectivism Makes You Vulnerable To Those With Bad Intentions
  • North Branford, CT, March 26, 2018
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We have seen speakers, school walkouts and marches. They claim to be against ‘gun violence’. They claim to seek the end to school massacres. But even a perfunctory review of their messages shows that they are one of two things with regards to these goals: Ignorant or Liars.

Of the requests made by this vocal minority, we have hardly seen a coherent message, but instead a wide range of goals that all somehow involve disarming citizens of this country. Their talks and edicts seem focused around either restricting people who can buy, own or possess firearms or taking firearms from those who already have them. The talks rarely involve the philosophical or moral consequences of their actions. They do not discuss what happens to the people they seek to victimize by government force in the name of mourning those that they saw victimized.

So while Connecticut Carry continues its mission to defend the victims of these collectivists, we will also discuss what happens to the people that these collectivists seek to victimize and to speak about the uncomfortable truths that result when people are manipulated by politicians when they are the most emotional.

When people say that they are for ‘gun control’ or government edicts on what property you can own, they often say that they are anti-violence or against shootings. But that is not at all true. They are actually very pro-violence and for shootings. They are also for guns. The problem is that they are for all of those things in the hands of the government. Government is the one organization that has consistently proved how murderous it is with said responsibility. And these people marching wish to turn those guns against their neighbors and families. Those same neighbors and families that would seek to offer them sanctuary against aviolence erupting in their presence.

We saw the Parkland effect when the government first declared itself the monopoly of force in Parkland Schools and then proceeded to consistently and thoroughly bungle every aspect of protecting the students and faculty in that school. From the coward enforcer that cowered outside and radioed to officers their need to do the same, to the Sheriff’s office and FBI that had repeated opportunities to deal with this threat before the gunfire started, the government failed the victims in Parkland.

And now Parkland survivors and their emotional sympathizers are being used as ‘useful idiots’ to champion the same people that egregiously failed them as their saviors and to further empower and arm the government enforcers to do battle with the innocent armed citizens that stand vigilant to protect them, especially in places where the government enforcers have not formed a monopoly on force, like ‘Gun Free School Zones’.

“There may be many different answers to school shootings and other massacres. There may be none. One thing that cannot be argued by rational people is that the answer to these realities cannot consist of advocating more violence against people, whether it be at the hands of deranged lunatics or the government. Disarming individuals has never, and cannot make those individuals safer.” – Rich Burgess – President – Connecticut Carry

HB 6200 – Show Your Papers dead in Judiciary

Connecticut Carry celebrates defeat of anti-rights bill, issues warning
  • Hartford CT, April 8, 2017
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With the passing of the Joint Favorable deadline, the last date where legislative committees could vote bills out of committee, passing on April 7th, Connecticut Carry chalks up some wins. At the same time, we remind legislators and other politicians that we are ever vigilant and steadfast in our support for our right to armed self-defense.

By far, the most worrisome bill in this session has been the ‘Show your Papers’ bill that seeks to eliminate existing fourth amendment protection against illegal search seizure as affirmed in the Terry v Ohio and Hiibel v Nevada cases. Despite outright lies by media and politicians alike, this was not a bill that allowed police to ask for permits from people openly carrying firearms, nor was it a bill that aimed to keep police from being hindered when investigating a complaint against someone with a firearm.

The law is clear: if you are not reasonably suspected of breaking the law, you cannot be detained and searched. HB 6200 and HB 6001 sought to eliminate that lawful protection.

Therefore, the shameful oath breakers who sponsored these bills and likewise, the co-sponsors, will be called out and targeted under our ‘Never Forgive, Never Forget – Vote them out’ campaign. These legislators are unfit for office in Connecticut, and we will see to it that everyone knows them and knows why. It is important to remember that we currently have more legislators in office (out of 184) that either were not in office, or voted against the 2013 Gun Ban (PA 13-3) than voted for it – 104 to 80.  

We are gaining ground every session and every election and these 13 traitors must be next to lose their office:

  • Rep. Caroline Simmons, 144th Dist.
  • Rep. William Tong, 147th Dist.
  • Rep. Daniel J. Fox, 148th Dist.
  • Rep. Joseph P. Gresko, 121st Dist.
  • Rep. Steven J. Stafstrom, 129th Dist.
  • Rep. Josh Elliott, 88th Dist.
  • Sen. Timothy D. Larson, 3rd Dist.
  • Sen. Marilyn V. Moore, 22nd Dist.
  • Rep. Patricia Billie Miller, 145th Dist.
  • Rep. Cristin McCarthy Vahey, 133rd Dist.
  • Rep. John K. Hampton, 16th Dist.
  • Sen. Martin M. Looney, 11th Dist.
  • Rep. Mitch Bolinsky, 106th Dist.

Politicians cannot hold office in the Constitution State when they actively and proudly campaign against the Bill of Rights.


“Never Forgive, Never Forget, Vote them out. We are very proud of our legislative work and the extraordinary work performed by our Legislative Director Matt Tyszka this session. Now we will start the process of preparing our members to target the 13 traitor politicians for the next election in 2018.” – Rich Burgess, President, Connecticut Carry

“By killing HB 6200, the Judiciary Committee has done the right thing for all citizens of Connecticut.  The present language of the statute is the best protection against profiling for all people when exercising any of their rights.  The law is clear in that citizens cannot be stopped or detained unless police have a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity.  The law also assists police officers in making it clear under what circumstances they may accost any person in public, not just firearms owners, as clearly defined by the United States Supreme Court over the past 49 years.  Society's problems do not arise from lawful firearms owners who overwhelmingly support law enforcement efforts to detect and suppress crime.  The legislature would make the best use of their time and effort in the future by addressing the effects of true, violent criminals.” – Matt Tyszka, Director of Legislative Affairs, Connecticut Carry


HB 6200 – Show Your Papers Bill Being Lied About

Connecticut Carry Fights Back Against Hysterical Propaganda
  • Hartford CT, March 20, 2017
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  • Posted by Connecticut Carry

There is a lot of talk right now in the media, on social media, amongst friends and around dinner tables about the topic of open carry and showing your permit when confronted by law enforcers. If you believe the fear, uncertainty, doubt and outright lies being sold by anti-rights groups, media and politicians, you would think that this is some kind of issue revolving around the right to bear arms. You might be led to believe that people who choose to bear arms as a lifestyle want some kind of special treatment. But you would be wrong. And it isn’t completely your fault either. You are being lied to and intentionally misinformed.

Anti-rights groups are trying to sell a lie that includes people with fishing permits needing to show their fishing permit upon request. There is nothing in law in Connecticut that requires any such thing absent reasonable articulable suspicion. A better analogy would be that operating a motor vehicle in Connecticut requires that operators maintain and possess their operator license.  In 2017, as of this date, there have been approximately 53 fatal accidents within the state, with a percentage of these fatal accidents being caused by drivers operating under suspension, revocation or under the influence. Seeing the public safety issue present with these drivers, why can’t Law Enforcement Officers pull over, detain and search anyone that they see on the road to check and make sure that they have a license and that they are not under the influence? Because you have the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure as recognized in the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as well as Article 1, Section 7 of the Connecticut constitution.

And that is the actual issue here. No one is arguing about whether or not a police officer has the power to demand a pistol permit from someone carrying a firearm that is suspected of a crime. The argument is whether or not the mere carrying of a firearm either provides that suspicion or overrides the requirement for reasonable articulable suspicion. And that argument has been settled already; this is settled law.

HB 6200 is not a Second Amendment issue. HB 6200 is a Fourth Amendment issue. Our position is consistent with and has been repeatedly upheld in courts across the country. Terry v. Ohio was one of the major cases that really laid down the Reasonable Articulable Suspicion requirement when a citizen is being detained by a law enforcement officer. Even more recently, Florida v. J.L. also really narrowed this argument down and established that the requirements for reasonable articulable suspicion set forth in Terry v. Ohio do not suddenly disappear when a firearm is involved.

The media, politicians and anti-rights groups who have been spreading these lies and falsehoods should all be ashamed of themselves for not performing their due diligence with the facts surrounding this issue.  

This bill is not about safety, as there have been zero actual public safety incidents regarding open carry. Instead, this is a flanking move to attack and chill all personal rights by attacking the right to be free against unreasonable searches and seizures.

 “The collectivist propaganda machine is alive and well here in Connecticut, where anti-rights groups, media sources and politicians alike sell outright lies to the people of Connecticut without fear of reprisal or rebuttal. Connecticut Carry seeks to end that machine and bring truth back to discussions around the right to bear arms.” Connecticut Carry President Rich Burgess



Malloy Declares Price Gouging War Against Firearms Permitees

Connecticut Carry Fires Back With Common Sense
  • Hartford CT, February 11, 2017
  • Press, Media, Releases
  • Posted by Connecticut Carry

After Governor Dannel Malloy’s announcement this week that he would seek to increase Pistol Permit fees to ridiculous highs, pricing the human right to self-defense out of existence for many in Connecticut, we are firing back. We are going to show this Governor how common sense and leadership should work, instead of Governor Malloy’s continual mismanagement of state funds and his outright bigoted hatred towards those who possess the means to defend themselves in Connecticut.

It is a lost cause to debate such things with a bigot like Dannel Malloy. Malloy doesn’t care about fixing spending in Hartford, but only about penalizing gun owners further for his personal victim disarmament goals. We are reaching out to legislators with real ideas that can save municipalities money, save the state money, increase state revenue and make people who apply for a Permit to Carry Pistols and Revolvers satisfied with their access to legal means of personal safety and self-protection. And this can all be done right now, instead of taking 5 years to pan out like the Governor’s proposal.

We propose the following:

1.       Remove pistol permitting responsibilities entirely from municipalities. Currently, the municipalities have a majority of the burden in the application process, and that work is entirely useless in terms of public safety.

2.       All permits would be issued directly, the same day at the Special Licensing and Firearms Unit (SLFU) at DESPP headquarters in Middletown, Connecticut for a flat application fee of $100 which includes the $16.75 IAFIS query fee. No state background check fee (currently $50) is authorized by law anyway, and this is a good time to eliminate that illegal fee.

3.       SLFU already conducts the same IAFIS checks and their own instant in-house state conviction history database search imediately when an application is submitted. IAFIS is guaranteed to return fingerprint results in less than two hours. Pistol permit issuance times are thus decreased from months to a few hours, reducing employee processing expense, time and effort.

4.       Remove any and all ‘suitability’ requirements from the Connecticut General Statutes, which are catch-alls that allow local issuing authorities to deny people their right to armed self-defense on arbitrary and capricious grounds, which are often overturned on appeal at the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners.

Utilizing this simple plan, the legislature could work with Connecticut Carry to remove waste all over the state in municipal and state departments, saving countless amounts of money, retaining the same or increased levels of public safety, and keeping the public safe by expediting their ability to defend themselves.

Connecticut Carry will present this overall plan to legislators in the coming week, and offer our services to help craft the actual legislative package that can be directly presented to fix all of these problems and benefit the state’s treasury in a time of financial crisis caused by Dannel Malloy and his administration.

Response to Soto v Bushmaster Appeal

The real motives behind the lawsuit are becoming clear
  • Hartford, CT, November 16, 2016
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  • Posted by Connecticut Carry

In a much-anticipated legal move, an appeal has been filed in the case of Soto et al. v. Bushmaster Firearms International LLC et al. The appeal seeks to have the Connecticut Supreme Court override a ruling by Connecticut Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis that the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) prohibits this kind of frivolous lawsuit.

Connecticut Carry has largely stayed quiet on this case, as we believe organizations like the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) that represent the industry are better suited to the task, but we are increasingly being asked for comments on the case as the Connecticut organization that advocates for legal armed self-defense that has been on the leading edge of legal battles here in Connecticut. 

Before we make any comments on this case, those comments need to be pre-faced: We have feel nothing but sorrow and empathy for the families of Newtown, Connecticut that went through such horrific loss during the mass murder that occurred in the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

There is a line, however, that the rest of the citizens of Connecticut, and across the nation do not want to see crossed. And that is where their rights are placed in jeopardy because of the actions of a single mentally deranged human being. We are individuals with rights, and no matter what emotional charge is brought to bear through a collective, we maintain and defend those rights.

In the case of Soto et al. v. Bushmaster Firearms International LLC et al, we believe the families of the victims are being pushed by political interests to make legal assaults against business owners inside and outside of Connecticut that are protected under long-standing and established laws. There are two likely explanations for such attacks: to use the courts as a de-facto penalty with the cost of those businesses defending themselves being a financial penalty. But the more likely end goal of this lawsuit is to lose, allowing members of congress to use emotionally-charged arguments to try and change basic legal protections like the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). We expect those arguments will fail, especially on a Federal level.


"While the PLCAA does provide a legal shield against lawsuits like this, PLCAA simply codified common law and tort principles that pre-dates PLCAA for quite some time.  PLCAA may be a “new” law in the collective consciousness, the principles contained within the Act are in line with historical precedence of common sense tort law." – Raymond Johansen, Director of Education, Connecticut Carry

“The trial court properly applied the law Congress wrote.  We believe in the rule of law, and soundly reject any attempts at influencing the judiciary to engage in social activism where fundamental rights are concerned.  This case was brought to politicize an inanimate object and to impermissibly restrict the free interstate trade in legal products.  This suit was an unconscionable act of "lawfare" targeted towards a good and law-abiding segment of society, and it had to fail.” – Matt Tyszka, Director of Legislative Affairs, Connecticut Carry

"The families of the victims are being used for political ends, and there is an obvious concern over whether or not they are aware of it. Shame on collectivist pimps like Senator Richard Blumenthal, Senator Christopher Murphy and others that would use this tragedy and the families of the victims to promote their disarmament goals."  - Rich Burgess, President, Connecticut Carry

  • North Branford CT, November 12, 2016
  • Press, Media, Releases
  • Posted by Connecticut Carry

Gun owners across the country, fed up with the all-out assault on their individual rights by collectivists like former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, showed their power during the 2016 presidential election by stopping Hillary Clinton’s presidential run cold. With over 100 million gun owners nationwide, and gun ownership having at least the same requirements as voting in most places, it was a huge mistake for a candidate to be openly hostile to their rights.

The rhetoric and group blame tactics utilized in the election helped to waken and galvanize a giant voting base in this country, and that very likely cost Hillary Clinton the election. This election should serve as a reminder to politicians that when it comes to our right to armed self-defense, we do not forgive and we do not forget. Showing the population that you are against the right to armed self-defense will bring an early end to your political career.

Here in Connecticut, the effect will be felt in the near future as many Democrat politicians that had been riding national coattails have just watched their Federal political aspirations go up in smoke. Connecticut Carry knows that this is the time to push hardest against these politicians here in Connecticut. We will target each politician in Connecticut that continues to be against our right to armed self-defense and work to remove them from office.

To this end, Connecticut Carry is seeking volunteers from across Connecticut that wish to assist us in our work. For information: Contact


“Firearms owners across this great country have said "ENOUGH!" We soundly punished the elites who proudly proclaimed their disgust for Constitutional rights while simultaneously practicing a dual standard of laws for their inner circle and for us.  We didn't necessarily vote for individuals, we voted for the return of Constitutional supremacy and equality under the law for all.”

Matt Tyszka, Director of Legislative Affairs, Connecticut Carry


“This election will be dissected for years to come.  Many reasons, this will go down in the history books, studied ad nauseam to find out why.  Where I sit, this isn’t a referendum for Donald Trump, President Elect, but rather a referendum and protest against an ever-growing Federal government hostile to the individual, and personal liberties. 

For many, the right to own, possess, transport and carry firearms as a lifestyle choice is a litmus test for where a political or bureaucrat stands on other issues regarding personal liberty and freedom.  The current and preceding administrations have been hostile to all manners of personal liberty – whether it be the punishment for exercising or refusing to participate in voluntary commerce, the use of personal and private tax information as a political weapon against opponents or the use of the tax code to force commerce with private companies; the rights of the peaceable to possess arms are in direct conflict with an ever growing, hostile State and the parallels cannot be ignored.

Tens of millions voted for a change – a change from the establishment and breaking away from the anointed political class who felt “entitled” to the highest office in the developed world.  Will Trump’s administration be supportive of gun rights and protect the individual liberties that we hold dear?  Time will tell, but his administration will be a sight better than what would have been the alternative.”

Ray Johansen, Director of Education, Connecticut Carry


“Citizens across the nation have rallied together and stood up for the right to armed self-defense. A proven anti-rights collectivist has been stopped from gaining the highest office in the land, and many more kept out of the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Senate. While it remains to be seen how the elected administration will treat our rights, we have at least sent a strong message.”

Rich Burgess, President, Connecticut Carry


Arm Your Family’s Protector

Buy a gun for Father’s day
  • North Branford, CT, June 18, 2016
  • Press, Media, Releases
  • Posted by Connecticut Carry

Governor Malloy has called on Federal Firearms Licensees (gun stores) to close up shop for Father’s day. While this may make sense in a warped collectivist world where firearms are only used for bad, Connecticut Carry has a different message for the residents of Connecticut who ensure the safety of themselves and their family with firearms.

Connecticut Carry urges all Gun Stores in Connecticut to stay open for Father’s Day, and for all the citizens of Connecticut to go spend money at those stores. Let’s work together to make Father’s Day 2016 into the best sales day on record for firearms, accessories and ammunition.

Father’s day is about honoring Fathers and the work and sacrifice they make on behalf of their families. What better way to honor your spouse, Father, son or other loved one that works hard to protect your family and keep you safe than to take them to the gun store and buy them a new firearm, accessory, ammunition or a gift card for the same?

Connecticut residents need to stand up against Governor Malloy’s crackpot grandstanding and show him that we choose the right to bear arms. We will not be disarmed by the State of Connecticut to be left for dead when the next mass murderer chooses another soft target, made soft by out of control government edicts.

Shame on Governor Malloy for this publicity stunt and his continued attempts to keep the tools of armed self-defense out of the hands of the people who need them.

To help you find a gun store open tomorrow, here is a list:

  • Harris Outdoors - Old Saybrook (open until noon)
  • Greyson Guns - Orange (open until 6pm)
  • Delta Arsenal - Wallingford (open 10am - 5pm)
  • Connecticut Firearms and Tactical - Orange (open 10am - 5pm)
  • Newington Gun Exchange - Newington (open 11am - 4pm)
  • Cabelas - East Hartford (open 10-3 to purchase guns)
  • Bass Pro Shop - Bridgeport (open till 7pm, handgun sales till 3pm)
  • Connecticut Sporting Arms - North Branford (open 12-3pm)

If we missed your store, and you are open on Father’s day, you can feel free to post an ad on our Facebook page this weekend, and we will share it. For free.


Connecticut Carry Director Ed Peruta’s Response to 9th Circuit Decision

Comments about Peruta v San Diego En Banc Decision
  • Rocky Hill, CT, June 15, 2016
  • Press, Media, Releases
  • Posted by Connecticut Carry

“The decision in Peruta v. San Diego could not have come at a better time, 5 months prior to a National Election of a new President of these United States.

As the lead named plaintiff in Peruta v. San Diego, I was not surprised at the decision and find myself losing faith in the process of resolving disputes through the judicial system.

As a 67 year old adult male, I was required to learn how to read and comprehend during my younger years while attending public schools, only to find myself being told that the words currently found in the Second Amendment do not mean what they say.

The Second Amendment and right of self-defense with a firearm, is a basic human right possessed by all law abiding, non-prohibited individuals, regardless of race, religion, political party, sex or sexual preference.

The issue of second amendment rights is now a topic of discussion on the national stage by those candidates seeking to become the next President of the United States.

Each of the current known presidential candidates whether Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Independent will be seeking the office with the authority nominate people to and shape the future makeup of the United States Supreme Court for years if not decades to come.

It is without question that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in rendering the NEW Peruta v. San Diego case demonstrated the fact that they lost faith in, (and acted upon), their belief that the process where cases and issues are heard and determined by three judge panels is not a reliable place to resolve issues of great importance. This belief is found in the fact that two decisions on the same topic can be polar opposites of each other.

The untimely request to become involved by the California Attorney General together with the ANONYMOUS request to convene and hear the case de novo by an en banc panel of, (in this case), eleven judges was nothing more than a political move of such a magnitude that it may ignite the emotions of every firearm owner in the country in ways that cannot be expressed in this post.

The current Ninth Circuit decision and status of Second Amendment Rights in the western states, does nothing more than evidence that fact that three judge panels cannot be trusted to render valid legally correct decisions on issues with national ramification.

Personally I am beginning to understand the issues and emotions that were going through the minds of our forefathers, in the months leading up to, (and following), the events in Lexington, Massachusetts on the morning of April 19th 1775.

One only has to conduct a Google search for "Key individuals in the American Revolution" to find the names and deeds of patriots who must now be rolling in their graves.

Fortunately I currently possess two carry permits for self-defense issued by Connecticut and Florida, (I did not renew my Utah permit), which are recognized through reciprocal agreements between a majority of the states or provision where no permits are required.

For the record, I was NOT asked by any state other than California to submit a reason to obtain a permit to carry a firearm. Connecticut and Florida took my applications, conducted a fingerprint based criminal history background check and issued the permits.

In my younger years, I believed to some degree that I was invincible and had the capability of defending myself from most aggressors and individuals looking to do me harm.

That all changed when I began to reside in a motor home and traveled across county between Connecticut, Florida and California in the fall and spring of each year.

Self-defense and my survival also began to become an issue during the periods that I, (often alone), responded to major breaking news events, (fires, accidents and homicides), in urban areas where most people would fear to tread during the day let alone at night or early morning hours.

The other factor which changed my lifestyle was the first of three heart attacks which gave me reason to believe that I would never again have the physical strength to defend myself if confronted by an aggressor intent of doing me harm or worse.

One way or the other, this issue will arrive at a final conclusion, where honest, law abiding, non-prohibited individuals will accept or reject the Ninth Circuit Court's understanding of Second Amendment rights and the individual right of self-defense and legal possession of a "Concealed Firearm".

Ultimately, the American people have to decide whether they want to take back their government from an elite class of individuals who are protected by bodyguards, governed and disciplined from a separate, gentler playbook and insulated from the economic vagaries that the rest of us face daily.

I would like to close by thanking the countless thousands of people who have supported and followed this case, and request that each one of you make a pro constitution decision while in the voting booth this November.

In the meantime, my support and voice will go to electing Donald Trump, the best candidate to shake up the system and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN in my lifetime.”

-          Ed Peruta – Director of Legal Affairs, Connecticut Carry

Inquiries about the case should be made through Michel and Associates, P.C.: http://michellawyers.com/

Ed Peruta can be reached through Attorney Rachel M. Baird: http://rachelbairdlaw.com/

Orlando Club Massacre Steels Resolve in Connecticut

Connecticut Recommits to the Fight to Retain the Right to Armed Self Defense
  • Connecticut, June 13, 2016
  • Press, Media, Releases
  • Posted by Connecticut Carry

In the wake of a horrible incident in Orlando, Florida, Connecticut Carry is once again reminded of the importance of its mission statement and Article 1, Section 15 of the Connecticut Constitution:

“Every citizen has the right to bear arms in defense of himself and the state.” - Article 1, Section 15 – Connecticut Constitution

We are also reminded of our own battles here in Connecticut to ensure that Connecticut residents are not disarmed by the State of Connecticut when going about their lives.

Residents of and visitors to Florida are restricted from defending themselves in an establishment that serves alcohol, the type of establishment that recently saw a massacre of innocent people in Orlando. Disarming people only enables this kind of bloodshed. Disarming the peaceable does not prevent violence. In this case, it is apparent that a rogue law disarmed the good and innocent people having a nice night out at the club.  This law denied their innate and basic human right to armed self-defense. In contrast, that same law had zero apparent impact on the homicidal fanatic that decided to commit such an atrocity. Violating the law against firearms in an establishment that serves alcohol, he then proceeded to commit first degree murder against at least 50 people, and attempted murder against at least 50 more.

The only thing that will ever stop such a soulless and evil human being is a human being, or human beings, who have become resolute in their right to armed self-defense that then practice that right at the correct time.

Here at Connecticut Carry, our hearts go out to the victims and the families of the victims in Orlando, as we once again reaffirm and renew our fight to resist the State of Connecticut's attempts to disarm our good people. We employed that resistance during this legislative session, through the legislative process. This session, one of the bills we resisted was SB 20, which was a bill that reduced the legal Blood-Alcohol limit while carrying a self-defense firearm to .08 instead of the historical .10. That is a rather significant encroachment for anyone that wants to go out and have a good time, enjoying alcohol, but also wants to be able to defend themselves. An arbitrary number means the difference between 'legal' and 'illegal', but only if you are in possession of the means to defend yourself.

The Orlando massacre showcases another example of how the Connecticut legislature is working to make Connecticut residents less safe under the guise of ‘public safety’.

“Just because you want to go out and imbibe alcohol, does not mean that you should somehow lose your right to defend yourself or find yourself a helpless victim of a mass murderer. The lost and injured individuals in Orlando deserved better, and the residents of Connecticut deserve better. Shame on anyone that would disarm a person that has not infringed upon the rights of another person.” - Rich Burgess – President, Connecticut Carry

Manual of How to Harass Law Abiding Citizens

State’s Attorneys Release ‘How to Manual’ of Harassment
  • Rocky Hill CT, February 8, 2016
  • Press, Media, Releases
  • Posted by Connecticut Carry

On February 5th, Senior Assistant State's Attorney Timothy Sugrue published a memorandum to the Chief State’s Attorney’s Office detailing first what everyone in Connecticut should already know: The unconcealed carry of a firearm with a valid Permit to Carry Pistols or Revolvers is 100% lawful, and that police cannot stop a person carrying a firearm unconcealed (Open Carry) to demand their permit absent Reasonable Articulable Suspicion of a crime.

That is detailed on page one of the memorandum. But the memorandum goes on for 5 more pages describing how police in Connecticut can still get away with harassing and detaining citizens not breaking the law. Instead of doing what the State’s Attorney’s office should have done long ago, and clarifying the issue as we have requested, they went on to add to the confusion that police departments experience. Clarifying the issue only needed the first page’s response, nothing else. But this document was not created to clarify, it was created as a handbook for harassment.

And so, the illegal harassment and detainments of law abiding citizens carrying firearms in a manner prescribed by the law will likely continue by departments that are politically motivated to do so. 

“The State’s Attorney’s Office has made it clear that they will put their collectivist politics over the need for them to perform their job as advocates of the law. Mentioning mass shootings and the fear-based political climates that their collectivist ilk have manufactured to describe how police should interact with law abiding members of the population is the height of propaganda.” – Connecticut Carry President Rich Burgess

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