Say Hello to the Liberal Second Amendment Supporters

Sarcasity posted this 19 March 2017

Vocativ has a story titled "The Gun Lovers No One Talks About" that describes the politically liberal Second Amendment crowd, which is growing. The purpose seems to be to marginalize the conservative "nutjob" gun owner in comparison to just regular people who own guns.

What does it mean to be politically liberal and also a Second Amendment supporter? Here's an answer from Jae Seifert, a Colorado resident who is "in favor of legalizing weed and physician-assisted euthanasia. He’s pro-immigrant and believes in civil rights for all Americans. In last year’s election, he was an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter — before he reluctantly backed Hillary Clinton."

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Rich_B posted this 21 March 2017

Personal liberty doesn't have political boundaries. The problem isn't what people think that they should be free to do, it is what they think that others shouldn't be free to do.

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