Can a spouse carry a loaned firearm?

ChristiAnneE posted this 02 January 2015

Let's say you are married couple both have permit to carry. And let's say that the wife purchased a gun, and she is the legal registered owner of the gun, and the spouse wants to carry/use the gun as well.

Is there a requirement that the legal owner of the gun transfer ownership to the spouse?

I know that there are questions like that going on in Washington State with their crazy rewritten laws. I came to the experts here for our crazy laws.

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Rich_B posted this 02 January 2015

There is no legal requirement for a firearm to be registered for you to carry it.

There is a requirement for you to perform a legal transfer on a firearm that you are transferring ownership of.

Police in this state are confused and misguided (and sometimes ready to abuse) both concepts. People have been arrested because people were carrying a firearm that was unregistered or not registered to them. People have been arrested for loaning a firearm to someone.

So while the law says it is legal, the police continue to make erroneous statements and arrests.

This was brought up and questioned by Connecticut Carry Director Ed Peruta in the past. The attached article is a good example of this:

Note that the police statements in the article are ridiculously wrong. The charge of 'Carrying an unregistered weapon' has to be false since there is no statute to point to. But this is what the legal battle is like for this issue.

In summary:

  • The legal answer is that it is legal.
  • The effective answer is that you may be arrested.
  • The pragmatic answer is that it is cheaper to just buy an additional firearm for your spouse than deal with the potential legal fight.

Please also note that any registered "Large Capacity Magazines" or "Assault Weapons" would not be applicable for anyone other than the registered party to possess anyway.

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