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Document Title File Name Download Details
HHS decision against Dr. Igal Staw based on Felony Health Care Fraud conviction DrStawHHSDecision.pdf Download Details
Prosecution's motion to lower charge to Creating a Public Disturbance ProsectionsMotionToLowerCharge_07022012.pdf Download Details
Defendant's motion to vacate - 05/23/2011 doutel_MotVacate_052311.pdf Download Details
Doutel's fourth status update hearing - 07/05/2012 Doutel_Transcript_07052012.pdf Download Details
Doutel's second status update hearing - 07/05/2011 Doutel July 5 Transcript.pdf Download Details
Denial of Mr. Doutel's Motion to Dismiss doutel_memorandum_of_decision_re_MTD_071912.pdf Download Details
Doutel's Motion to Dismiss - 07/13/2012 DoutelDuane_MTD_FINALFINAL_071312.pdf Download Details
Doutel's first status update hearing - 05/20/2011 doutel_052011_transcript.pdf Download Details
Defendant's motion to disclose police report - 04/05/2012 doutel_Motion40-10_FINAL_040512.pdf Download Details
Officer Jared Zwickler's incident report Doutel_IncidentReport.pdf Download Details
Doutel's Motion to Dismiss (Memorandum) - 07/13/2012 DoutelDuane_MTDMem_FINALFINAL_071312.pdf Download Details
Vinnie Penn interview about Norwalk v Doutel and background check fees 050112-ConnecticutCarry-VinniePenn-NorwalkvDoutel.mp3 Download Details
Voicemail recording with captions Complete Doutel Audio from Answering Machine HQ.wmv Download Details
Norwalk's motion to return defendant's property doutel_duane_seized_property_motion_041712.pdf Download Details
Doutel's second hearing - 08/22/2011 Doutel_Hearing_Day_Two_082211.pdf Download Details
USAO's report on Dr. Igal Staw's sentencing for health care fraud Print - Press Releases.pdf Download Details
Doutel's first hearing - 07/27/2011 Doutel_Hearing_Day_One_072711.pdf Download Details
Doutel's third status update hearing - 05/07/2012 Doutel_Transcript_05072012.pdf Download Details
Defendant's motion for Removal of Protective Order doutel_motion_for_removal_of_protective_order_070312.pdf Download Details
Defendant's motion for a speedy trial Doutel_Motion_For_Speedy_Trial_062912.pdf Download Details
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