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Document Title File Name Download Details
Wethersfield Police Memo on Open Carry WPD Roll Call Training Pistol permit 12-11.pdf Download Details
Connecticut Carry letter on open carry The carrying of unconcealed firearms in Connecticut.pdf Download Details
State police training memo on Open Carry of handguns and long guns Connecticut state police training memo on open carry.pdf Download Details
State Police Memo on Open Carry at Second Amendment Rally StatePoliceMemoOpenCarryRallyon4-10-10.pdf Download Details
Open Carry RAS Transcript FMTranscript.pdf Download Details
Torrington Police Memo on Open Carry Torrington Memo Open Carry.pdf Download Details
"Open-Carry": Enforcement of General Statutes § 29-35 (b) as Amended in 2015 MemoFromCTOnOpenCarryRAS-Feb2016.pdf Download Details
Permit Demand Requires RAS Transcript - 8/7/2013 FMTranscript.pdf Download Details
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