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2013 Gun Ban

The 2013 Gun Ban campaign is another in a series of sustainable campaigns that Connecticut Carry is implementing that are self sustainable and designed to be effective over a longer length of time. The campaign will consist of pretty much anything and everything that can be done in a sustainable manner to negatively impact the 2013 Gun Ban signed into law on 4/4/2013.

The major goal of the 2013 Gun Ban campaign is to educate the public; not only about the fact that the 2013 gun ban is wrong and terrible, but also about how many people feel this way. It is going to take all of us to really express that message and drive home the point that our backs are now against the wall and that we plan to come out swinging.

Right now, there is no way for the public, media or legislators to know how many people detest the legislature's actions on 4/4/2013. This is all about to change as we present a campaign which will introduce the tools necessary to show the frustration and indignation present in our community against these laws.

Being a community campaign, this campaign is in your hands. We have made an initial investment in the concept. Whether it succeeds or not and by how much is entirely up to you.

We have big shoes to fill, one NY organization has sold over 7,000 of these types of signs: http://www.ncf2a.com/, and they are not the only ones: http://www.scopeny.org/rewards.html We have better looking signs and we make it easier to order, so there is no excuse why these should not be popping up everywhere all around the state.

The signs are sold individually, in packs of 2 and in packs of 4. Each sign includes its own Heavy Duty wire H-frame stand. The major cost with these signs is shipping and we offer the packs to try and mitigate these costs. We are also looking for Community Coordinators which can help with our distribution efforts and drive the costs of these signs down for all members. If you are interested in being a Community Coordinator or in buying these signs at bulk volumes for resale, please contact us at info@www.ctcarry.com.

The sale of these signs will not only cover the cost of the signs, but it will cover future costs involved in expanding this campaign to other forms of media as well as other ideas that are presented along the way.

As part of a Sustainable Campaign, and as part of our Fiscal Accountability, we want to share the numbers with you. Please realize that these numbers are subject to change over time since costs do not stay the same and we will adjust all variables to keep the campaigns on track.

The price for getting 100 of these signs printed and delivered is $272.06. We have 100 signs in stock right now.

This means that each signs costs us $2.72. We sell the signs in packs of 1, 2 and 4.


QTY Price Per Sign
1 $7.99 $7.99
2 $15.95 $7.97
4 $30.99 $7.75

Since the signs are 18x12" and they need to be stiff when shipped so that they do not get destroyed, they require special shipping. This shipping is, unfortunately, not as cheap as many of our offerings. It is important for people to realize why we made the packs that we did and how they offset some of the additional cost in shipping.

For the best values, look for us at events that we will be announcing in the future so you can avoid the shipping charges altogether. We are also putting together a network of Community Coordinators to aid in dsitribution of these types of items.

Pricing (with shipping):

QTY Price S&H Per Sign
1 $7.99 $7.50 $15.49
2 $15.95 $8.00 $11.98
4 $30.99 $8.50 $9.87

Larger volume pricing is available upon .


QTY Return
1 $5.27
2 $10.51
4 $20.11

By giving people a [good looking] voice against the 2013 gun ban, we have kick started a campaign that is sure to produce results and gain attention for our cause.

The profits of the campaign will go to new and better ideas to keep the campaign successful. Flyers, posters, postcards, litigation or whatever else that is deemed to be worthwhile can be purchased with the raised funds. The sky is the limit with a campaign like this. The only limit is the activity of the people engaging in the campaign.

The activism can be easy and fun. Plant the signs in your front yard, on public street corners, near the houses of politicians, or hold them up at polticial rallies. Ask your local gun store or friendly business to advertise and/or sell these. Be creative, we encourage community involvement.

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