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No Guns = No Money



Connecticut Carry is proud to introduce its first Community Campaign titled “No Guns, No Money”. The first in a series of sustainable community-organized campaigns, we hope that our growing membership community will be as excited to participate in this campaign as we are.

No Guns, No Money is a campaign that consists, for now, of business cards that are to be handed out to any private business that displays a ‘no gun’ sign or policy. This campaign is modeled off of similar programs that other organizations in other states have had success with.

The goal is to show these businesses that there are people who carry firearms or who simply support the right to carry a firearm who will not do business there because of their policy.

Until now, these businesses had no way to know that they were losing our business or why. They also had no argument presented about why they should change their policy.

Being a community campaign, this campaign is in your hands. We have made an initial investment in the concept. Whether it succeeds or not and by how much is entirely up to you.

The cards will be sold in packs on our online store. We understand that some people may be critical of selling something we want people to hand out. This goes back to our ’Sustainable Campaigns’ initiative.

The sale of these cards will not only cover the cost of the cards, but it will cover future costs involved in expanding this campaign to other forms of media as well as other ideas that are presented along the way.

As part of a Sustainable Campaign, and as part of our Fiscal Accountability, we want to share the numbers with you. Please realize that these numbers are subject to change over time since costs do not stay the same and we will adjust all variables to keep the campaigns on track.

The price for getting 2,000 of these cards printed and delivered is $52.81. We have 2,000 cards in stock right now.

This means that each card costs us $0.026. We sell the cards in packs of 25, 50 and 100.


QTY Price Per Card
25 $2.99 $0.12
50 $5.49 $0.11
100 $9.99 $0.10

Larger volume pricing is available upon .


QTY Return
25 $239.20
50 $219.60
100 $199.80


QTY Return
25 $186.39
50 $166.79
100 $146.99

With a relatively low investment, we kick off a campaign that will hopefully start a trend in Connecticut to start pushing back against, and educating businesses that have been fooled or pressured into bad decisions.

The profits of the campaign will go to new and better ideas to keep the campaign successful. Flyers, posters, postcards or whatever else that is deemed to be worthwhile can be purchased with the raised funds. The sky is the limit with a campaign like this. The only limit is the activity of the people engaging in the campaign.

The activism can be easy and fun. Either hand these out by yourself at anti-gun businesses, or organize with other members of the community through forums like ctguntalk.com and opencarry.org to make a concerted effort.

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