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  • October 24, 2013
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Connecticut Carry has added a new feature to www.ctcarry.com: the Connecticut State Weapons Registry Database. This database is the same database that is used to track our firearms transfers pre-2013 Gun Ban. It is an extract taken at the time of the gun ban.

Since the 2013 Gun Ban on 4/4/2013, we have had many people tell us that they want to know what firearms the State Police know about. While we are unwilling to post that data because it would potentially expose the names and addresses of people, we were willing to do the next best thing: a serial number search. If you have a firearm with a serial number, enter it into the search and see if the DESPP knows where it is.

You can also browse the database by town and see what and how many registered firearms exist in your town.

This is another step in Connecticut Carry’s ongoing commitment to provide more education and tools to our members and to the citizens of Connecticut to help fight for our rights.

Town browsing: http://www.ctcarry.com/WeaponsRegistry/List

Serial number search: http://www.ctcarry.com/WeaponsRegistry/Search

This database is being offered free to Connecticut Carry membership. If you feel that this was a worthwhile service to offer to our members, please consider making a donation to help us keep things like this running.


If a donation is not your style, see if there is some Connecticut Carry merchandise that suits you better.


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