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Arm Your Family’s Protector

Buy a gun for Father’s day
  • North Branford, CT, June 18, 2016
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Governor Malloy has called on Federal Firearms Licensees (gun stores) to close up shop for Father’s day. While this may make sense in a warped collectivist world where firearms are only used for bad, Connecticut Carry has a different message for the residents of Connecticut who ensure the safety of themselves and their family with firearms.

Connecticut Carry urges all Gun Stores in Connecticut to stay open for Father’s Day, and for all the citizens of Connecticut to go spend money at those stores. Let’s work together to make Father’s Day 2016 into the best sales day on record for firearms, accessories and ammunition.

Father’s day is about honoring Fathers and the work and sacrifice they make on behalf of their families. What better way to honor your spouse, Father, son or other loved one that works hard to protect your family and keep you safe than to take them to the gun store and buy them a new firearm, accessory, ammunition or a gift card for the same?

Connecticut residents need to stand up against Governor Malloy’s crackpot grandstanding and show him that we choose the right to bear arms. We will not be disarmed by the State of Connecticut to be left for dead when the next mass murderer chooses another soft target, made soft by out of control government edicts.

Shame on Governor Malloy for this publicity stunt and his continued attempts to keep the tools of armed self-defense out of the hands of the people who need them.

To help you find a gun store open tomorrow, here is a list:

  • Harris Outdoors - Old Saybrook (open until noon)
  • Greyson Guns - Orange (open until 6pm)
  • Delta Arsenal - Wallingford (open 10am - 5pm)
  • Connecticut Firearms and Tactical - Orange (open 10am - 5pm)
  • Newington Gun Exchange - Newington (open 11am - 4pm)
  • Cabelas - East Hartford (open 10-3 to purchase guns)
  • Bass Pro Shop - Bridgeport (open till 7pm, handgun sales till 3pm)
  • Connecticut Sporting Arms - North Branford (open 12-3pm)

If we missed your store, and you are open on Father’s day, you can feel free to post an ad on our Facebook page this weekend, and we will share it. For free.


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