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With Regards to the ‘March for our Lives’

Emotional Collectivism Makes You Vulnerable To Those With Bad Intentions
  • North Branford, CT, March 26, 2018
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We have seen speakers, school walkouts and marches. They claim to be against ‘gun violence’. They claim to seek the end to school massacres. But even a perfunctory review of their messages shows that they are one of two things with regards to these goals: Ignorant or Liars.

Of the requests made by this vocal minority, we have hardly seen a coherent message, but instead a wide range of goals that all somehow involve disarming citizens of this country. Their talks and edicts seem focused around either restricting people who can buy, own or possess firearms or taking firearms from those who already have them. The talks rarely involve the philosophical or moral consequences of their actions. They do not discuss what happens to the people they seek to victimize by government force in the name of mourning those that they saw victimized.

So while Connecticut Carry continues its mission to defend the victims of these collectivists, we will also discuss what happens to the people that these collectivists seek to victimize and to speak about the uncomfortable truths that result when people are manipulated by politicians when they are the most emotional.

When people say that they are for ‘gun control’ or government edicts on what property you can own, they often say that they are anti-violence or against shootings. But that is not at all true. They are actually very pro-violence and for shootings. They are also for guns. The problem is that they are for all of those things in the hands of the government. Government is the one organization that has consistently proved how murderous it is with said responsibility. And these people marching wish to turn those guns against their neighbors and families. Those same neighbors and families that would seek to offer them sanctuary against aviolence erupting in their presence.

We saw the Parkland effect when the government first declared itself the monopoly of force in Parkland Schools and then proceeded to consistently and thoroughly bungle every aspect of protecting the students and faculty in that school. From the coward enforcer that cowered outside and radioed to officers their need to do the same, to the Sheriff’s office and FBI that had repeated opportunities to deal with this threat before the gunfire started, the government failed the victims in Parkland.

And now Parkland survivors and their emotional sympathizers are being used as ‘useful idiots’ to champion the same people that egregiously failed them as their saviors and to further empower and arm the government enforcers to do battle with the innocent armed citizens that stand vigilant to protect them, especially in places where the government enforcers have not formed a monopoly on force, like ‘Gun Free School Zones’.

“There may be many different answers to school shootings and other massacres. There may be none. One thing that cannot be argued by rational people is that the answer to these realities cannot consist of advocating more violence against people, whether it be at the hands of deranged lunatics or the government. Disarming individuals has never, and cannot make those individuals safer.” – Rich Burgess – President – Connecticut Carry

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