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Gun owners across the country, fed up with the all-out assault on their individual rights by collectivists like former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, showed their power during the 2016 presidential election by stopping Hillary Clinton’s presidential run cold. With over 100 million gun owners nationwide, and gun ownership having at least the same requirements as voting in most places, it was a huge mistake for a candidate to be openly hostile to their rights.

The rhetoric and group blame tactics utilized in the election helped to waken and galvanize a giant voting base in this country, and that very likely cost Hillary Clinton the election. This election should serve as a reminder to politicians that when it comes to our right to armed self-defense, we do not forgive and we do not forget. Showing the population that you are against the right to armed self-defense will bring an early end to your political career.

Here in Connecticut, the effect will be felt in the near future as many Democrat politicians that had been riding national coattails have just watched their Federal political aspirations go up in smoke. Connecticut Carry knows that this is the time to push hardest against these politicians here in Connecticut. We will target each politician in Connecticut that continues to be against our right to armed self-defense and work to remove them from office.

To this end, Connecticut Carry is seeking volunteers from across Connecticut that wish to assist us in our work. For information: Contact


“Firearms owners across this great country have said "ENOUGH!" We soundly punished the elites who proudly proclaimed their disgust for Constitutional rights while simultaneously practicing a dual standard of laws for their inner circle and for us.  We didn't necessarily vote for individuals, we voted for the return of Constitutional supremacy and equality under the law for all.”

Matt Tyszka, Director of Legislative Affairs, Connecticut Carry


“This election will be dissected for years to come.  Many reasons, this will go down in the history books, studied ad nauseam to find out why.  Where I sit, this isn’t a referendum for Donald Trump, President Elect, but rather a referendum and protest against an ever-growing Federal government hostile to the individual, and personal liberties. 

For many, the right to own, possess, transport and carry firearms as a lifestyle choice is a litmus test for where a political or bureaucrat stands on other issues regarding personal liberty and freedom.  The current and preceding administrations have been hostile to all manners of personal liberty – whether it be the punishment for exercising or refusing to participate in voluntary commerce, the use of personal and private tax information as a political weapon against opponents or the use of the tax code to force commerce with private companies; the rights of the peaceable to possess arms are in direct conflict with an ever growing, hostile State and the parallels cannot be ignored.

Tens of millions voted for a change – a change from the establishment and breaking away from the anointed political class who felt “entitled” to the highest office in the developed world.  Will Trump’s administration be supportive of gun rights and protect the individual liberties that we hold dear?  Time will tell, but his administration will be a sight better than what would have been the alternative.”

Ray Johansen, Director of Education, Connecticut Carry


“Citizens across the nation have rallied together and stood up for the right to armed self-defense. A proven anti-rights collectivist has been stopped from gaining the highest office in the land, and many more kept out of the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Senate. While it remains to be seen how the elected administration will treat our rights, we have at least sent a strong message.”

Rich Burgess, President, Connecticut Carry


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