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SPBI Backlog - Background Information


The SPBI backlog seems to be non existent or very limited at the moment. In addition, it appears the SPBI has decided to send back national background checks upon receiving them and not waiting for their inexplicably slow state background checks.

SPBI also changed over to the FBI IAFIS system which, as an automated system, should return results in 27-72 minutes.

At this time, there is no backlog to speak of, and there should be no reason for permit applicants to not be seeing response times at local issuing authorities that meet the timelines illustrated on our site and in CGS 29-29.

DESPP is sitting on 1080 pistol permit background checks denying a fundamental right.

Background Information:

It has come to the attention of Connecticut Carry that the State Police Bureau of Identification has been stalling the administrative process of obtaining a pistol permit in the State of Connecticut.

In the State of Connecticut, a pistol permit is required to exercise a core human right protected by both our Federal and our State constitution. This right has, for a long time, been hindered by the mere presence of our permitting system that restricts and delays this right. Constitutionally, it would be prudent for the state to exercise extreme care and diligence in managing this process as to make this process as expedient as possible.

We have received a large volume of complaints recently from people who wish to exercise the right to possess and bear arms in our state but lack the state permit that restricts their right to do so. Upon investigation, we have determined the root cause of these delays is that SPBI is sitting on 1080 permit applications background checks dating back to October 3rd, 2011. Connecticut Carry Director Edward Peruta uncovered this information in an FOIA request to Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP).

The DESPP has confirmed to Connecticut Carry that these background checks have passed through the FBI background check system which the State of Connecticut directly reports all criminal history to. The FBI NCIC system is the trusted standard across the nation for background checks for firearm purchases. The SPBI has this information in their hands and is now sitting upon those files to prevent the citizen applicants from obtaining the permit required to exercise their human right to defense.

Connecticut Carry demands the immediate clearing of this backlog and has contacted the state legislature, Governor Malloy, DESPP Commissioner Bradford and all other necessary players. They have been instructed to clear the backlog and to perform an investigation into why this occurred and how it can be prevented in the future.

The legislature is being asked to provide penalties to state and municipal employees that would impact these individuals personally both civilly and criminally when they act in such concerted ways to deny this core human right to our law abiding citizens in this state.

The governor is being asked to take charge of his state employees and correct these issues of rights in accordance with his oath to support our constitutions. He has also been made aware of the $54,000 in unfulfilled services that citizens of this state have paid for and should receive.

DESPP Commissioner Bradford has been asked to correct the backlog, fix the system and ensure this never happens again. Connecticut Carry has made clear in no uncertain terms that this backlog is unacceptable and that we hold Commissioner Bradford entirely responsible for the 1080 applicants who have been denied their fundamental human rights because of his employee’s failure to perform their duties.

Connecticut Carry urges citizens concerned about this to join the fight and send the same sentiments to their representatives and those responsible for this mess.

Remember: "A right delayed is a right denied." –Martin Luther King

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