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Permit Delays - Stamford

Reported delays in Stamford

Connecticut Carry received complaints about excessive delays with pistol permits at the Stamford Police Department including more than six month wait times.

Applicants also contacted Connecticut Carry and informed us that Stamford Police Department was not forthcoming with public records that they had requested about their applications.

What we are doing:

  • An FOI request was sent to the Stamford Police Department on April 20, 2012 requesting a list of all their current permit applications and the dates associated with them to get a basic idea of how many applicants Waterbury is affecting and hopefully to establish where the problem lies.

Results so far:

  • The request was received by the Waterbury Police Department on February 5, 2012, 8:17 am.
  • The Stamford Police department stalled until February 22nd while issuing multiple pistol permits to destroy the information sought in the FOI request. There is a long email thread evidencing the ridiculous questions and hinderances that Stamford provided to a simple request.
  • On February 22nd, a response to the request was picked up from the Stamford Police Department's front desk.
  • Investigation of the response showed that Stamford had HUGE backlogs on multiple permit applications and that they had ommitted and likely destroyed evidence of their delays in the time it took for the FOI request .
  • A complaint has been filed with the Freedom of Information Commission over Stamford Police Department's failure to provide prompt access to public records in accordance with state law.
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