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Permit Delays - Background

Delays in Permit Applications Infringe on a Core Right

Background Information:

The Connecticut General Statutes prescribe a rather strict timeline for the pistol permit process. This timeline is dictated by CGS29-28a.

The deadlines described in these statutes give your local issuing authority "5 days" from the date you submit your application with fingerprints until they must submit your fingerprints to the State Police Bureau of Indentification (SPBI). Once your FBI report is received back from the SPBI, the local issuing authority has "one week" to issue an approval or denial.

Connecticut Carry monitors police departments in the state to make sure they are complying with the deadlines and works to correct problems where problems arise. We receive many reports of delays from various departments and work with permit applicants individually to assess whether or not the issue is an isolated matter or a systemic issue. If the problem is systemic, we do research into the police department's process and records and evaluate what needs to be corrected.

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