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Permit Delays - Get Involved

Delays in Permit Applications Infringe on a Core Right

How you can help:

  • The campaigns are not cheap, but they are important. We need your help to make sure that we can go however far that we need to go with these issues. You can help by subscribing or donating funds.
  • Please send and distribute this information everywhere and to everyone you can. We need to spread the word. Please feel free to use or distribute our letters and/or our press release anywhere you think it might be beneficial.
  • If you are an applicant or you know an applicant who is experiencing delays, please contact us and we will assist the applicant.
  • We can always use 'guinea pigs'. If you have a strong backbone and want to help the cause, let us know and we will give you ideas of some research you can help us with while you obtain your permit.

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