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Permit Delays - Waterbury

Reported delays in Waterbury

Connecticut Carry has received multiple complaints that the Waterbury Police Department has not been issuing permits on time. In most cases, it appears that they are sending fingerprints to the SPBI within the deadlines in the statutes, but they are not issuing permits within 1 week after receiving the national criminal history check like they are supposed to.

In addition, it has been reported multiple times that Waterbury is resistant to giving truthful information to applicants about dates in their process. The police department commonly gives misleading or untruthful responses to simple inquiries about public records when applicants call them.

What we are doing:

  • An FOI request was sent to the Waterbury Police Department on April 20, 2012 requesting a list of all their current permit applications and the dates associated with them to get a basic idea of how many applicants Waterbury is affecting and hopefully to establish where the problem lies.

Results so far:

  • The request was received by the Waterbury Police Department on April 23, 2012, 8:17 am.
  • No answer from the Waterbury Police Department has been received yet.
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